Community Support Worker - Graham Davis



The Support Worker function was introduced during 2009 at the start of a period of increased demand caused by the recession.

To date, this demand has not diminished.

The role includes advocacy on behalf of recipients of our frontline services and also walk-in clients and referrals.

A major component is networking with other community and social service agencies to achieve a collective outcome.

The role is augmented by our Family Mentoring Programme which is a system introduced to cope with significant numbers of clients.

During 2018/2019 activities included:

  • managing a bi-monthly market to provide affordable bric-a-bac, clothing and furniture to the local community.
  • training and managing Family Mentoring volunteers.
  • introducing networking arrangements with other organisations that now deliver care in the disability, mental health and family violence sectors on our premises.
  • networking involvements include:

o   WINZ Community Representatives Meeting – Bi- monthly

o   Back 2 Back Project Supporting Neighbourhood led action in Ranui & Massey - Auckland Council

o   Housing Call to Action – Auckland Council

o   Spotlight on Housing

o   “Safer Ranui” Steering Group

o   Community Caring Shed – Monte Cecelia Housing Trust

o   NZ Police – Networking with Ranui Community Constable.

o   Housing NZ – Placement of unhoused clients.

o   WINZ – Advocacy

o   Courts – Advocacy

o   Western Park Village – Social Services Hub                                                                                                                                             

o Networking with Local Schools

o Board of Trustees at Ranui Primary School