• Friendship
                  • Mainly Music
                  • Playgroup
                  • Toy Library



10am -12pm Fridays

A gathering for over 50 years of age


To facilitate friendship, connection, and address the isolation that many older folk in the community experience.

Our group, between 15 – 22 people, continues to meet each Friday morning at the Church. Coffee and biscuits provided.

Occasionally we enjoy the company of people from several I.H.C. homes in the area.

Bingo has been added to our programmes. Other activities include chatting, knitting, scrabble, cards and generally getting to know each other better.


Mainly Music

10am -12pm Thursday



Our goal is to provide preschool children with a fun and developmental music programme, and to share love and support with the families that come to Mainly Music. We want to provide these families from the community with a real positive experience, where they can enjoy interacting with their children. We aim to provide families with support and encouragement by building relationships with them.


Seeing both children and their parents or grandparents really excited, laughing, interacting with each other and enjoying the programme and getting involved; two new people joining the team and being really enthusiastic and committed positive feedback. Parents tell us that we are doing a fantastic job and that they love coming to Mainly Music each week. They tell us that it is warm, supportive, friendly and welcoming and they are so grateful for what we do for them.



9:30 -11:30am Mondays and Tuesdays


  • For children to interact with each other
  • To give our children a fun learning time with a variety of activity.
  • To give parents a chance to meet new people, learn and support each other while
  • Having fun with their children in a safe environment.



Toy Lending 

every second Tuesday 11:30am


To provide support to our community families by giving them access to good quality educational and developmental toys to hire at affordable prices. Any profits are used to purchase new toys so the Toy Library is self-sustaining.