Where we work

Ranui is a low-socio-economic community in West Auckland. Ranui Baptist Community Care provides relevant community services which offer care and support to the local residents.  Ranui is a multi-ethnic (very high Polynesian and Maori population) community with a disproportionately high percentage of youth, solo parent and low income families. Social Deprivation indices of 7 & 10 in our immediate vicinity indicate the severity of issues our community faces.

Ranui Baptist Community Care is a limited liability charitable trust that was incorporated in 1998, under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.


Our Mission Statement

To enable people to reach their potential to be a positive influence for their community.



What we do

Our intervention in Ranui is to provide a cluster of wrap-around grassroots services aimed at initially meeting immediate needs and then developing a life-skills base from which a new generation can  launch into life. Each week we see the effects of poverty on the lives of Ranui residents and we see our role is to care for them and help them become independent.

Many are ‘flying under the radar’ by not having a diagnosis or not having come to the attention of law enforcement agencies, however they do have significant needs that we can help them address.

Our volunteer base enables us to cost-effectively provide services for the community and we are increasingly seeing social service agencies using our services.


Goals of the Trust are:

  • To provide leadership, direction and resources which will enable the Church to minister to its local community by seeking to meet social, emotional, physical, spiritual and educational needs of the people of its local community
  • To establish such service centres, programmes and facilities as will enable the Trustees to provide appropriate community social services
  • To alleviate the difficulties of those experiencing hardship of any kind, including financial hardship and to bring relief through whatever means are available
  • To initiate, establish and administer community and social services for people of all ages who for any reason are in need of care, counseling, or assistance
  • To carry out such other charitable purposes within New Zealand as the Trustees shall determine


Reference Details:

Ministry of Commerce Certificate of Incorporation                                 AK/916124

Charities Commission Registration                                                          CC30370

Ranui Baptist Community Care is GST registered

Ranui Baptist Community Care is CYFS approved