Ranui Baptist Community Care

Family Mentoring Programme


Ranui Baptist Community Care (RBCC) has adopted a holistic and wrap around approach for its community intervention. Recognising that social services characteristically focus on diagnosis/repair/maintain, RBCC has in contrast identified recipients of its grassroots services who are “flying below the radar” by not having a diagnosis or by not coming to the attention of law enforcement authorities yet who still have significant needs.

During the 2009 -11 recession with its associated increased demand for food parcels and budget advice RBCC formulated a “caring model” to meet immediate demand and introduce elements of self-management, goal setting and hope with intended outcomes of social cohesion, stability and independence.

Modelled on the Ministry of Social Development’s “Strengthening Families” service, RBCC’s “Family Mentoring “ programme recognises that for future goals and hope to become believable, there must be tangible present benefits. RBCC therefore addresses the catalyst needs that attract people to our services and then encourages them to participate in the mentoring programme.

RBCC does not solicit recipients for its services. Everyone presents with an immediate need to be addressed, after which (or concurrently), RBCC volunteers and employees introduce a needs assessment, goal setting, action plan process to address the crisis-driven lifestyle they often exhibit.

Whereas previously our service focus was merely to meet immediate need, be it food, clothing, shelter or advocacy, these are now regarded as points of contact (food bank for bait mentality) to introduce culture/habit changing interaction and to provide hope.

Good News

My first contact with Ranui Baptist Community Care was through the food bank and then the Family Mentoring Programme. The Community Support Worker and Activ0ator both helped me numerous times with accommodation, clothing, food and advocacy. I am very sick and I don’t know how I could have survived during that time. Their support for me is ongoing.

Aaron, Ranui.